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Frank Magliochetti – Proud to Lead New Parcae Capital Project – Just Fellowship

Just Fellowship, a social network designed to connect Christians across several different platforms, recently began development of their website, which is currently in beta testing with 15,000 users as it moves towards a full launch. The innovative startup company has signed on with Parcae Capital, who will be assisting them with their business plan, capital raise, and the hiring of their team that includes programmers, a Board of Directors, and C-Level personnel. Frank Magliochetti, managing partner of Parcae Capital, is pleased to be taking the lead on the project through its many phases.

According to a study cited by The New York Times, social media usage continues to grow among those ages 18 to 49, accounting for anywhere from 6 to 7 hours per week, with older age groups not too far behind. Christianity Today contributor Matthew Lee Anderson notes the trend, and highlights the value that it can provide for faith-based users. “When done well, social networking can enhance the fellowship of the church by providing congregants a window into each other’s lives,” he writes. “It can mobilize members to serve their neighbors and enhance the church’s mission by embedding the community of church relationships in the broader populace.” Just Fellowship, whose tagline reads “Enjoy amazing fellows all around,” is intended to bring Christians together through online messaging and forums, while also providing extended services similar to those found on eBay and Craigslist — all under one portal.

The website’s ambitious undertaking is a perfect fit for Parcae Capital, who offers personalized investment banking services and consulting for emerging growth companies, along with comprehensive assistance in mergers, acquisitions, business restructuring, and recapitalization. Just Fellowship CEO Sandro Pansini is confident the expertise and resources of Parcae Capital will provide the company what they need to succeed both before and after their official launch. “Frank Magliochetti has transformed our business plan and structure,” Pansini said. “He put into place the appropriate organizational and capital course of action in order for us to reach the next level. Rather than take a theoretical approach, Frank is active and hands-on in assisting us. Bottom line, we would not be where we are without his leadership.”

Malden, Massachusetts native Frank Magliochetti is the founder and managing partner of Parcae Capital, a consulting firm that provides interim executive management to new and restructuring companies. His educational achievements include an AMP Certificate from Harvard Graduate School of Business, a GMP Certificate from Stanford Business School, an MBA from Suffolk University and a B.S. in Pharmacy from Northeastern University. A seasoned executive with experience in the medical, pharmaceutical, financial industries, Frank has held senior positions at Chartwell Diversified Services, Sandoz, Kontron, and Haemonetics, and is currently the chairman of Rehab Medical Holdings Incorporated, an orthopedic medical device holding company.

Frank Magliochetti Compares Telemedicine and Bedside Assessment of Comatose Patients:

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